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California Water Damage Restoration flood and water damage restoration for domestic homes as well as businesses!

Should your home or business has water damage, its essential to address the impaired locations as soon as possible.
A good Water Damage Restoration organization can save you a good deal whilst decreasing any kind of unneeded worry.

Our water damage service with an skilled crew of professionals possess a lot of knowledge of water damage repairs by rebuilding homes and businesses back to their original pre-loss condition condition to help make the pieceicular affected region appear completely new.

We utilize our advanced technology as well as equipment which focuses on restoring the space or room!

Water damage may become a structural hazard as well as a health hazard to you and those surrounding you so if taken care of quickly, you can decrease the harm, reduce clean up expenses and forestall expansion of mold and various toxic contamination.

Have you been Water Damaged? Our Water Damage Assistance is on location within half-hour and is readily available 24/7 with our own disaster response organization so we can deal with the situation at once and provide precisely the best water damage repair restoration assistance.

Water Damage Repair Services

Assessment Of Water Damage;
Water Extraction;
Surface Drying;
Decontaminate Affected Areas;

Sanitize Affected Areas;
Basement Drying;
Flood Cleanup;
Sewage Cleanup;


Debris Removal Crawl Space Cleanup & Drying;
Damaged Carpet Removal;
Air Cleansing;
Odor Control;

I.I.C.R.C Certified, Licensed Technicians;
Emergency 24 hour Flood Water Extraction;
Commercial Water Extraction;
All work is 100% Guaranteed;
Latest Specialty Equipment Used;
Water Extraction Processes Approved Insurance Co's.

Our EASY 5 STEP Process.

When you're the victim of water damage, our rapid response team can be on site within 30 minutes! 
Our water damage repair professionals have years of experience!
1. Assess The Water Damage
We begin our process by assessing any flood damage or water damage before we begin.

2. Water Extraction
The second stage is to extract out all the water inside the home or business thoroughly. This is the start of the water damage or flood damage restoration. Our water damage and flood damage services are just the beginning step.

3. Drying
Once water has been extracted using our equipment, we carefully dry contents and walls inside your home, while checking for bacterial growth, and removing all odors, mold, mildew, dirt, and dust in the home. This is one of the most important steps in the process because mold and mildew if not properly removed can have serious health considerations as well as cause structural hazards.

5. Water Cleanup / Flood Cleanup
Once those steps have been thoroughly accomplished, our team removes any contaminated debris! When everything is cleaned up, your water damaged area will look brand new!

As a water damage restoration company, California 911 Water Damage understands that water damage and flood damage are emergency services. We are dedicated to quick response with water damage repair and flood damage repair. Call us today for water damage service and flood damage restoration.

Only The Best Equipment

We use only the latest and most effective equipment when restoring businesses or homes back to pre-loss conditions. Air movers, blowers, dehumidification machines, air scrubbers, moisture meters, as well as disinfectants, sanitizers and odor control purifiers guarantee that we can make your home look brand new and without any structural damage.


We work with many insurance companies, and bill at insurance rates. We work with contractors, public adjusters, and management companies. We use our expertise to guide you through the claim process.


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